Organic Mountains – Local Honey With Southern Charm

Organic Mountains – Local Honey With Southern Charm

I am kind of obsessed with honey.  Along with Boars Head turkey, peanut butter, sriracha, Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, and blueberries (odd combo, I know) honey is a staple around the house and has been for as long as I can remember.  I can put honey on or in anything from sauces to tea and occasionally I eat it solo.  As mentioned, I am obsessed.

Unrelated to my appetite for honey (to my knowledge) I have developed allergies over the past few years after never really being affected by them.  In relating this to a friend he told me that he eats a spoonful of local honey each day and it helps with allergies.  Well, this was certainly a solution that I could get behind so I asked him where he got the honey and he told me from a friend of mine who I used to go to for haircuts – evidently he was from a family of beekeepers and had started harvesting honey from North Georgia.  How cool is that?  I immediately called John and ordered the wildcrafted honey he suggested which was quickly delivered and came in a super cute package.  The honey was delicious!  I began to use it on everything and I do believe it helped with my allergies.  Talk about a win-win!

John Wright 1

Once I tasted the honey, saw the packaging, and did a little research I realized that this is product that I want in my life.  Local, natural, healthy, and delicious all well packaged and presented.  I love products like this.  What is even better is that the story behind the business is a personal and wonderful one that goes back generations in North Georgia bee keeping.  Organic Mountains founder John Wright, who used to cut my hair, saw the potential of this product and has found a way to get it into the Atlanta market and beyond.  You will see him at local markets and restaurants sharing his love and knowledge of his honey and it is always great to see someone so passionate about a product they obviously believe in.  I love supporting people and businesses that give off that vibe, it makes me excited for them.

In addition to selling honey solo John has found a way to combine his knowledge of honey and cosmetology to create skincare products that have Organic Mountains honey in them.  I have yet to try them but they sound amazing and I love the way they are packaged.   Speaking of, everything from the bottles and containers to the display at the market is well branded which obviously I love.  It is good to see a friend work hard and make a dream come true, it is also great to see that he has a product that is awesome and is making the right branding and marketing steps along the way.  I love companies like this!

John Wright 5

If you like honey you should order from Organic Mountains! John is currently working on getting products in more Atlanta establishments such as restaurants and markets so look for them or look for him at your local green market!

Check out the Organic Mountains’ website HERE or call (855) 503-6489!

Tell John BrandATL sent you:)

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  1. Jackie Goodman at 4:21 pm

    And if you think THAT honey is good, you should try honey from MTNHONEY.COM, because it has won “Best Honey in the WORLD!” at several World Honey Shows (France, Ireland, I forget where else). It really IS the BEST HONEY IN THE WORLD. They’re in Clarkesville, Georgia. Beekeepers are Virginia and Carl Webb. Best honey in the world, I tell ya!

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