Home Park – Midtown Atlanta’s Last Frontier

Home Park – Midtown Atlanta’s Last Frontier

I last lived in Home Park Atlanta around 10 years ago. Although I had frequented the neighborhood as a student while attending Ga Tech as an undergrad I never lived there while a student. By chance I came across Home Park School after graduation and fell in love with the unique condo conversion in the middle of this charming neighborhood. I always enjoyed my time in Home Park and it was convenient to Georgia Tech while I was in graduate school, but soon I wanted to live closer to “Midtown” and moved. I kept my condo though and have since rented it to Tech students who loved the convenience.

I now find myself living in Home Park again ten years later and so much has changed. Let me clarify, Home Park actually hasn’t changed much at all, but that is what makes it so unique now, everything else has. To the North of Home Park, Atlantic Station is now well developed and busy, South is an ever evolving and expanding Ga Tech and to the west is what has become the bustling “Westside”.  So, now you have Home Park positioned in the middle of it all with so much potential. The thought of which has me very excited.

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If you think about it, Home Park really is the last frontier in Midtown – it certainly is the last affordable one. If you look at the other Midtown Atlanta and Midtown adjacent neighborhoods, all of which I love, you will see homes that have mostly been renovated or redeveloped, all with rising prices and increasing demand. Meanwhile, in Home Park, the homes remain mostly in original condition and reasonably priced. Previously you could argue that there wasn’t much going on this side of 75/85, but that argument would fall short these days. In fact, West Midtown has proven that this part of Midtown can and IS hot and certainly capable of attracting people and cash. Home Park now finds itself in a great position and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

As far as the availability of good food and proximity to things you really can’t get much better in my opinion and options keep growing. You are directly between Westside and Midtown without the traffic of either and more and more great places to eat such as Antico’s and GIO’s, both part of Westside Little Italia Atlanta, are joining neighborhood classics like The Silver Skillet. Also, there is a cute park on Calhoun Street that is great green space for my pups and friendly neighbors with their dogs. No, it isn’t Piedmont Park, but it is convenient, never full, and I am still close enough to venture to Piedmont Park anytime I want. For me it offers the proximity to everything I need and the charm of a small neighborhood. This is something unique about Atlanta than many large cities don’t offer, the ability to live in a neighborhood in the middle of the city. It is a great perk.

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On the Home Park Atlanta neighborhood website you will find a master plan for the area that includes redevelopment and lots of public green space. What I think will be interesting to see is which route the residential redevelopment goes. I am okay if the charming bungalows remain if they can be redone similarly to those on Myrtle or as has been done in East Atlanta, but I think most of them will be replaced with new, larger residences once Midtown proper hits the limit on prices and people realize that there is lots of space and lots of opportunity in Home Park. What has begun to happen, and I am all for it, is that modern houses have started to pop up throughout Home Park, adding an interesting twist to the traditional roots of the neighborhood. I would love to see this be the new trend of Home Park, a mix of new and used, public and private, residential and commercial. As of now this is a relatively blank canvas with endless opportunity.

My original intent was to fix up my condo, sell it, and purchase a home in Midtown or explore along the Atlanta Beltline, but I think that plan has changed. I think I am going to stick around and see how Home Park, Midtown’s last frontier, develops. As a fan of Atlanta, growth, and development I have high hopes for Home Park and I don’t think it will disappoint.

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