An Imaginary World – Atlanta Botanical Garden

An Imaginary World – Atlanta Botanical Garden

One of my favorite places in the city is the Atlanta Botanical Garden, it is an oasis of beauty and creative energy right in the heart of midtown.  No matter the season there is something engaging and intriguing going on at the gardens with fun for everyone.  I love winter in the gardens when the entire place is lit up for their Garden Lights and I love seeing when they make new installations to their Imaginary Worlds which has now become a permanent installment.  The effort and pride that the Atlanta Botanical Garden staff puts into the work is apparent and appreciated, I would go every day if I could.

From a branding perspective the Atlanta Botanical Garden presents itself exactly as it is, a place to escape within the city.  This truly is another world and they do a great job of offering garden goers a variety of ways to engage in it.  Their current exhibit, Imaginary Worlds, takes this experience to a new level as creatures (mythical and real) playfully interact with garden guests as they stroll the gardens.  It really is a great experience and the creativity and talent demonstrated is unreal.  So very impressive!  From the marketing throughout midtown and beyond to the experience at the garden itself, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens packages presents and promises a wonderful experience and delivers just that.

Botanical Gardens Gorilla

I am a member at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and it is one of my favorite places in the city so I try and go as often as possible.  It is the perfect way to unwind and take my mind off things.  I am instantly in a great mood and present (something that is hard for me) each time I am there no matter what the occasion.  From events to cooking classes to educational classes there are lots of ways to engage with the garden which is great for keeping people engaged and coming back frequently.  Everything I have every attended put on by the garden was professionally done and well executed which makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

My last visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden was for a marriage celebration soiree for my best girlfriend.  After considering several spots in the garden she decided to have the celebration beside the Earth Goddess and waterfall.   She worked with two of our favorite brands, Sosh Staffing and Affairs To Remember, to create a wonderful and beautiful experience for all.  It was the perfect evening to celebrate an occasion worthy of celebration.  The gardens were a big part of that success, there are few places more stunning in Atlanta, or anywhere really.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is an Atlanta Brand that really adds value to our city.  I consider this one of Midtown Atlanta’s biggest assets so please go and experience it when you can – it really is an imaginary world!




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