Green Market at Piedmont Park – A Weekly Must

Green Market at Piedmont Park – A Weekly Must

My friends often joke with me that if you give them a day and a time of day that they can tell me what I am doing and where, meaning that I am so scheduled and consistent with my activities as to be that predictable. While I like to think that I am adventurous and unpredictable I do think that for the most part they are correct as there are many activities that I have to do each week, without fail. I find comfort in these activities I do, places I visit, shops I frequent, restaurants I repeatedly eat at, etc. I form a real connection with brands that I love and return to them time and time again which is one of the reasons that I started BrandATL, to be able to share with other people what I love and why.

Anyhoo, back to predictable activities and what I do every Saturday morning, without fail, if my schedule permits. First I go to Exhale Atlanta for yoga and then I go to the Green Market at Piedmont Park. These morning activities make for an enjoyable, relaxing morning that I look forward to each week. I will save my love of yoga for another post and focus 0n Piedmont Park’s Green Market for this as I do think that this weekly market is something that everyone in Midtown should visit! With local vendors offering everything from fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies to breakfast and homemade soap I always leave with something purchased and feeling more connected to the community and local businesses.  It is a win-win for all involved and something that makes me happy each week!

Green Market

Sometimes I purchase random things, but I always buy my flowers fresh each week at the Green Market. Fun, colorful, and local, this is something I can take home with me to brighten my house throughout the week. Also I have purchased soaps for myself and family members, fruits and veggies, coffee beverages, and even full breakfasts from the vendors who are always offering fresh and delicious choices. This past weekend I had a quail egg biscuit with fresh greens, jam, and syrup from Bentley Hill Farms which was made to order on a propane skillet and tasted amazing. It is fun to interact and meet the vendors, talk about their businesses, and find out their stories and how they make a living. Shopping at markets reminds me of the year I lived in Paris, I loved visiting the markets and getting food and other products fresh weekly.  It is a great way to live in my opinion and really gets you connected to your neighborhood and community. I love to support local when I can and this is a great setting to do that.

Green Market 3

The Green Market at Piedmont Park is open on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm March 1 to December 13 and is located just inside Piedmont Park at the entrance located at 12th and Piedmont. I tend to be there around 11, look for me, this is a neighborhood activity that I think anyone would enjoy whether you purchase something or just hang out. It is a cool place to be:)

Although I haven’t been I hear that Grant Park has a really great market Sundays from 9:30 to 1:30.  I definitely will be checking it out!



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