The Adventures Of Larry Loudmouf – Atlanta Artist Greg Mike

The Adventures Of Larry Loudmouf – Atlanta Artist Greg Mike

I love adventure and creativity, I also love well branded concepts, good marketing, talented artists and interesting artwork. Atlanta artist Greg Mike seems to have mastered all of these and I am hooked on not only his work, but how he presents it and engages with his audience.

Atlanta Artist Greg Mike 5You may have seen Mike’s work around town, he has a style that is all his own and it always catches my eye, so much so that I started following his work via Instagram and enjoy the peak into the his world and the adventures of Larry Loudmouf and friends. Larry Loudmouf is the main character in what I can only describe asĀ  story of adventure, mischievous activity and playful curiosity that is unfolding throughout Atlanta as well as as via social media. I get so excited when I see a Greg Mike original pop up around Atlanta, but I also frequently check in on his creative endeavors from Loudmouf Lane (his studio) via Instagram as there is always a new chapter unfolding.

Atlanta Artist Greg Mike 3What strikes and impresses me about Greg Mike, aside from his style, persistence, and consistency is he is on point with his branding and marketing game. He knows how to sell his work and himself which is often something artists are not the best at. Via Instagram he keeps his audience up to date with what is going on, announces opportunities to purchase prints and other merchandise, and lets everyone follow along on the adventures of Loudmouf Larry and crew. I really enjoy following along and have recently purchased my first Greg Mike original – a process that was just as adventurous and fun as his artwork.

Atlanta Artist Greg Mike 2Around Valentines Day Mike announced via Instagram that he was doing a limited release of a work titled “Till Death Do Us Art”. Well priced and super cool, I instantly went to his website and ordered. The batch sold out pretty instantly which is great for him (and for me). I then tracked progress (via Instagram) of his signing and sending the prints out, received an email when it was shipped, and now I am a proud owner of a Greg Mike original. This guy knows what he is doing!

I encourage you to follow the adventures of Loudmouf Larry and friends and I can’t wait to see what Greg Mike comes up with next on the streets and in the studio. He is a true asset to Atlanta and someone I will be keeping a close eye on!

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