The mission of BrandATL is to identify and present solutions

that contribute to a better, healthier, more sustainable city (economically and socially) and

the pursuit of implementing those solutions to create positive change.

BrandATL was created a few years back to test some theories on engaging fellow Atlantans by presenting our city as a brand via images and blog posts highlighting the unique characteristics of Atlanta. What became clear is people are eager to engage with their city, and I was able to easily share my ideas and images via social media and blogs, getting good engagement from the community. At the time though, I didn’t know what to do with it so I focused on other things.

Over the past year, in response to the evolving political, social, and economic climate, I have been working on developing and presenting non-partisan, regionally focused, solutions to the issues we face in our communities, the culmination of which is the article “Sustainable Communities, Prosperous Nation – For All.” In the article, I use Atlanta to illustrate how changing the way we consume regionally can stimulate economic growth and help spark many of the social changes we seek culturally. I also discuss the advantages of consciously branding our city to highlight our strengths and resources, specifically as relating to Agriculture, Production, Energy, Water, Jobs, and Education, in an effort to create the best Atlanta possible for current and future residents.  Using BrandATL to help facilitate the process is one of my action items.

Branding Atlanta

If Atlanta were effectively utilizing and optimizing all available resources to create the best Atlanta possible, how would it look? What is the ideal model for transportation, energy, and water for our city? How do we identify and promote local agriculture and Atlanta made products to make more people purchase locally grown/made?

How do we create a healthier city, one where communities work together to overcome social and economic obstacles? How do we alter our course on HIV/AIDS? What role does government play in implementing needed changes and how can the general population have a more vocal seat at the table? Who are our leaders and how should they lead?

As a brand, what brand characteristics does Atlanta have and how can we leverage those regionally, nationally, and globally? What steps need to be made to best position Atlanta now and into the future? How can we create a sustainable, prosperous city; what does that look like, how do we make it happen, and what resources and tools are available to access? Who do we know that can help? Who are the experts? What can we do and how?

To accomplish this, we will need a group of experts, activists, and creative minds working together to establish what the Atlanta of tomorrow looks like, identify and present solutions to get us there and implement the steps necessary to achieve our goals.

A Systematic Approach To Branding Atlanta:

-          Identify Critical Components – Sustainable/Prosperous Atlanta (See Components Diagram Below)

-          Determine Ideal For Each Component

o    Identify Experts and Stakeholders.

o    Assess Existing Resources and Tools.

-          Identify Solution(s) That Achieve Ideal

  • Must Be Non-partisan, Benefit Majority, Realistic, and Achievable.

o    Break Solutions Into Tasks.

-          Present Solution(s) to Leadership.

o    Community, Government, Religious, Business

-          Implement Solutions Locally.

BrandATL_Components Diagram

If you are interested in joining the discussion or know someone who may be, please email

BrandATL – The Business

BrandATL has registered as a Limited Liability Company with the State of Georgia but will conduct business as a B Corporation as Georgia does not currently recognize the B Corp status. Below is the B Corp Declaration as seen on the website; BrandATL will operate within these guidelines and will always seek the best solutions and act in the best interest of Atlanta and our community.


Atlanta From The Beginning (and Proud of It!)

Wes_Feb 2016

I have been many places in the world and there is no place like Atlanta. I was born at Georgia Baptist hospital (now Southern Regional) and grew up just south of the city in Fayette County. I moved to midtown in 1999 when I started college at Georgia Tech. Since then I have lived in many parts of the city, but I finally settled in Home Park. Giving back to the community and working to find solutions that benefit us all and contribute to a sustainable, prosperous community makes me happy and is how I give back, my form of positive activism. BrandATL is a tool used to further my efforts to engage with and promote Atlanta, a city I love.

Wes Berry –